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Monday, June 2, 2008


Well, since my post last week about swimming a 1/2 mile I've gotten NO exercise. And I've been eating poorly, to say the least. I think I've put back on about 2 or so lbs. Help! Steve was away most of the week and I'm so tired at night that I pass out in front of the TV so quickly, I never get to the workout or any of the other tasks on the to do list, for that matter. I'm feeling pretty unhappy with myself. Ugh!


ooolia said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Just keep plugging away. We all have a bad week or month here and there. Don't let a little slip up stop you.

It's especially rough when you're single parenting. Go do something fun and active with the kids. You'll feel better. :)

Susan Z said...

I agree with Julia. I think there may be something about this time of year. I have been struggling lately also. Your workload from other areas of your life are going to impact your ability to stay on target. You just have to press on. You can't change what is past but only what happens next.

Ann in NJ said...

Part of it is the transition to summer schedules, even if your kids are only in school part time. And you have to just keep trying. Even if you can't do it on a regular basis, do it when you can, don't use that as an excuse to quit. Remember that "discipline" comes from "disciple" - you're teaching yourself, not punishing!