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Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Curving

Ok, I've been really faithful going to Curves three times a week. I've lost maybe 5 lbs. since January, but gained back a couple in the last month BUT at my last weigh-in I was down a couple percent on body fat and a couple of inches here and there.

Not a lot, I know, but combined with generally feeling better, it's incentive! And I haven't tackled diet yet. I find that VERY hard.

Of course, the bad news is that the neurologist decided I don't have a hereditary neroupathy, so we don't know what it is. But the MRI, while not showing any issues with my brain, did show that I have "sinus disease" so she recommended going to an ENT. I've been feeling like there was something going on, so I guess it's good to know it actually IS all in my head!

I have to keep reminding myself that I can't wait for all the health issues to be resolved before I work on the rest of my life. It's the "I'll start on Monday" syndrome. Gotta start NOW, even if it is Thursday!


Susan Z said...

Fabulous that you are still going to Curves. Slow loss is better for your body anyway. The other question is are you feeling better also?

Lisa C said...

That's wonderful! When I used to go to curves they stressed the inches lost more then the pounds because you are putting on muscle, so weight isn't indicative of progress.

Sounds like you are on the right track and doing well. Diet will come, you just have to decide to jump in and do it.

Jill in MA said...

Awesome! You're doing great! You're definitely putting on muscle, which will help you in many ways including burning calories faster and helping you feel generally healthier and stronger