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Sunday, April 6, 2008

10 things I like

My inspiration after Ann's last post was to think about things that I enjoy doing (that do not involve food...though I like eating stuff too....)
Ten things I like (That don’t involve food):
Listed in no particular order…
10. Having a DVR to watch my favorite shows whenever I want (Whose Line is it Anyway, Ace of Cakes, Good Eats, etc.)
9. Playing Everquest
8. Being able to cross something off my to-do list (even if it is that I have made a to-do list)
7. Hugs from Doug, Andy, & Jo
6. Kisses and being close to Jim
5. Doing neat things with my kids (going to the park, having a picnic, going to the library, etc.)
4. Music I can sing with (I need to listen more than I do)
3. Blogging (yes I am addicted enough that I sometimes think in blog entries)
2. Learning something new and interesting
1. Reading something for entertainment

I challenge each of you to list the things you enjoy doing...the things that you do to perk up your day and make you happy.


ooolia said...

What a great idea!

Jill in MA said...

Hmmm... things that make me happy (other than food):
1. Hugs and snuggles from my kids.
2. Feeling like I've accomplished something (even if I didn't actually like doing it.)
3. Decorating cakes.
4. Showing people my cakes.
5. Watching my favorite shows (Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, Gilmore Girls - not on anymore :(, House, Lost...)
6. Going out with my girlfriends!
7. Talking on the phone with my girlfriends (when my kids will leave me in peace to do so.)
8. Doing an activity that involves enjoying nature and the outdoors.
9. Having a date with my husband.
10. Going on vacation with my husband (without the kids -- although, with the kids is fun, too.)