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Saturday, January 26, 2008

They grow up so fast!

I know this is off topic, but I also know that almost all of you are moms and will sympathize.
The day before we left on vacation, Sierra climbed out of her crib. ("How did you get out of your crib?" "I don't know." "Owen, how did Sierra get out of her crib?" "I teached her!") She then proceeded to climb in and out of it for the next few days and managed to hurt her back doing it. Ok, Sierra, no more crib for you -- it's dangerous! So we bought her a big girl mattress and put it on the floor. Today is her first night in the big mattress. She looks so little in there.... I spent the afternoon rearranging the furniture in the room so I could fit the mattress in. Steve said he thought that I would just take the crib apart and I know I should have.... Just thinking about it made me cry. My baby is not a baby any more. sniff, sniff,... Is it wrong to want to leave the crib in her room?


Ann in NJ said...

Yes and no. You can leave it up for a while, although we took the "bed up, crib down" approach because our kids were attached to their crib - but we needed it for the next one. Throw stuffed animals in there if you need an excuse to leave it. But you'll probably be ready to take it down in a few days, and soon it will be like it was never there. Take a picture, write a little card (for her memory can!) about your feelings, and remember it's harder for you to move on then her!

Susan Z said...

At our house Andy in particular talks about "I not so big mommy" because we have worked on the idea that he is bigger and can do more things and yet not so big that he can do everything. So that is where you are at. She is no longer little but remember she is "not so big" yet. I am finding it harder to admit that they are not little anymore but I also find it exciting the new things that they are doing.