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Monday, November 26, 2007

You Gotta be kidding me

So, I have a biopsy scheduled for Thursday. To help figure out why my feet are tingling and numb. It's been scheduled for a month, and I'm kind of stressing about it.

However, I've also had a problem with my teeth for a couple of months now. In August, I went in with a serious toothache, and found out it was actually a sinus infection. Three rounds of progressively stronger antibiotics later, it's mostly gone, but then a tooth, on the same side of my mouth, starts gradually hurting like, 2-3 weeks ago. I think it's still the sinus thing, but finally, since it still hurts, go in to the dentist today.

The root is infected. I need a root canal. As soon as possible. And to take three days of antibiotics ahead of time so we don't spread the infection. But since I'm having surgery Thursday...

I cannot believe this. I've called the surgeons office to find out how I can mesh these two things, and had to leave a message. Right now, I'm scheduled for the root canal on Monday. I may or may not be driving yet from the biopsy. Augh!

I think I'm going to stay off the celebrex and get the 800mg Motrin from the dentist (if the surgeon says ok). If I drank, this would be the perfect opportunity.


Susan Z said...

Wow, I am sure things will work out. I would think in some ways that it won't matter whether you are taking an antibiotic for the surgery or not but I could be wrong. I wish I had some witty remark to post on this but I don't so just know that I am thinking of you.

ooolia said...

wowie zowie.

hang in there. I'm telepathically sending good thoughts. I doubt the surgery will be as traumatic as the last time. At least the painkillers will work on both the leg and the teeth. ;)

Jill said...

Like Susan, I'm trying to think of a witty remark, but none is coming. So, hang in there! I wish I could come help you in person, but know that my thoughts are there.

Lisa C said...

Bleh, that sucks. I hope that you can get both issues taken care of and that things heal quickly so you feel better overall. I already told mom I'd check on you after the biopsy, so keep us posted.

long distance hug, wish it was closer