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Monday, November 19, 2007

Jump in where you are...

Not that I'm always good about it, but like the Nike commercial says, "Just Do It."

I did squats in the shower this morning. I did crunches waiting for the boys to fall asleep (in the dark with the dog nosing me because she decided she did want to go back upstairs). I justified skipping swimming this morning because I wanted to get a free latte at work.

There's no perfect time to start working out. There's no perfect workout. It takes about 30 days to form a pattern and 90 days to form a habit. I'd love to go swimming more, but I think I need to think smaller. Starting tomorrow (it's a little late for today), I'm going to try really really hard to move for 15 minutes. Whether it's walking or swimming or jumping up and down with the kids (have you noticed if they haven't gotten enough exercise, they start doing laps around the house just before dinner time?), I'm going to do it. Wish me luck.


Jill said...

yea! Good for you. Doing exercises and stretches during other mundane activities is a great idea! I never remember, but this is a great reminder to me! A rock climber once told Steve and I that a great way to keep the legs flexible for climbing is to put your leg up on the counter and stretch every time you brush your teeth. Awesome idea! (Imagine our delight when Sierra started doing this of her own accord before she was 2!) But Julia's point is, as a mom, it's hard to get a solid block of time to exercise, but the next best thing is to get lots and lots of small chunks of time to squeeze in healthy activities.
I doubt that I'll do much today because I woke up feeling miserable (this cold I've been fighting off for over 2 weeks has turned into something real and ugly.) And today, because I'm not really doing much with the kids, it's not even lunch time yet and the kids are already doing the laps around the house!

Lisa C said...

I'm sorry to hear you are sick Jill, that sucks.

Julia that's a wonderful and doable approach. Makes me think of the exercises I forgot I could do from my chair. Maybe I can work on those while I work today. Going to have to go look them up again. More movement is good!

Ann in NJ said...

I like that. "Jump in where you are." This is a process and a life change, not a "diet" or "exercise program" that can be done for a while and then you stop. Park a little further from the store. Take the stairs. All the stupid stuff that seems obvious, but we don't do it.

I have the dilemma of having minor surgery next week - I'd like to start going to Curves, but should I join and then not be able to go for a couple of weeks? No, I should go down to my basement and walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. That I can do now, with no prep (except changing my shoes). "Just do it!"

Susan Z said...

I like the idea of just incorporating my exercise as part of my day. I also wondered how I would do if I had a pedometer while I was a teacher.