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Friday, November 23, 2007

Children's books

I have been trying to be good with my kids and help them establish healthy habits. I do try to not be a hypocrite though. If mommy can eat in the car then they can eat in the car, if mommy can have a cookie for an afternoon snack then they should be able to have a cookie also. Perhaps I need to start making them eat super healthy snacks and then I will have to also.

Anyway, I noticed when we were reading an alphabet book we have that in the picture where "V is for Vegetable" that of the 5 items shown, 3 of them are actually fruits.


Ann in NJ said...

I understand the hypocrite thing. I do it anyway - I have soda, they have water or milk. It would be better if I didn't but my rationale is that life isn't fair. So yes, it would be good if you made them eat super healthy, but mostly because they'd get used to it and want less of the sweet stuff. In theory.

ooolia said...

I sneak the McD's when the kids aren't in the car. I eat more junk at lunch when they aren't with me. I eat a lot more veggies when they're around.

We do lots of super healthy snacks, but both boys love chocolate and other sweet stuff. I finally gave in and decided that I'd rather they have sugar in the afternoon when they can run it off before dinner instead of after dinner when I want to get them quiet for bedtime.