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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reality Check

I gained a pound last week. John did point out that a pound is probably within the error for the scale.

It's a little depressing, although not unexpected. I took the kids out to Perkins for dinner, and while I had scrambled eggs and wheat toast (not too bad) I also ate most of the hash browns even though I was trying to resist. The next night was my birthday and I took the kids to a hibachi steak house, and while I didn't clean my plate like I usually do, I ate over half, and of course it's a lot of white rice and noodles. And I had ice cream. Oh, and JC and I split a California roll and tuna sashimi. So LOTS of white rice. And I had Chipotele for lunch on Friday, although I had NO rice, just their salad but it was probably too much meat. Then on Saturday, I was at the church garage sale until about 1pm and came home starving. Ate the rest of the Sushi House leftovers (more rice and noodles), then we ended up having pasta for dinner. High protein pasta, which I did measure out only 1 cup of, and meatballs for more protein but probably lots of fat. And a small slice of birthday cake at church on Sunday.

So I was both way off course but still more controlled than pre-diet. I was kind of hoping I would at least maintain, but it's proving to me I still have to be really conscious about what I eat, which is a little depressing just because that probably applies to the rest of my life.

Oy. Makes me tired just thinking about it.


Susan Z said...

John is probably right about the scale. I myself and counting it a win that I only gained 3 pounds this last weekend at my in-laws rather than the normal 5-8. Jim pointed out that we weren't there very long, but I was proud that I didn't eat my way there and back and I limited my sodas. Just remember that small steps add up to big journeys.

ooolia said...

it's just not a good time to be trying to limit calories. I spent most of today busy stuffing my face. In fact, it was a first breakfast, second breakfast, early lunch, late lunch sort of day. Not to mention early afternoon snack, late afternoon snack, before making dinner snack, dinner, more dinner, and dessert.

Change small habits. It takes over a month. I think eating habits take much much longer than a month.

Lisa C said...

I think eating habits take longer as well. I think it's still a win in that you were very conscious of what you were eating, and that's a good step. Unfortunately, I think it's a constant thing to be aware, and some weeks will be better then others. Only gaining a pound is still a win because it could have been worse and you did think about what you were eating. That doesn't give you license to give up and get down on yourself though, you've still made progress in your thinking which is a huge part of the battle!