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Friday, April 25, 2008

Go ME!!!

I've been thinking about it for weeks now, but I finally did it this morning. I went for a run before I had to wake the kids up. It's a little harder with a puppy in the house, but I decided to stop using him as an excuse. I took R out for a quick piddle and had to suffer his big sad brown eyes when I put him back into his crate.

I didn't go very far, and I didn't go very fast. At this point, I'm just happy I got out of bed and into my running shoes. It felt great. It didn't hurt that the weather was beautiful. The lake was glassy and you could mostly make out Mt Rainier. I even managed to do a few crunches and stretches before taking a shower. I'm just hoping I can keep this up.


Susan Z said...

I think that it is so much easier to get outside when the weather is nice. I hope your weather stays good and that you are able to keep up what you've now started.

Lisa C said...

You'll keep it up, no worries. Just don't get mad at yourself if you miss a day, and then you'll be more likely to get back at it. Congrats on what sounds like a beautiful morning!

Jill in MA said...

yay! Doesn't it feel great? I can picture right where you were running! (I'm guessing you walked back up the hill -- I know I would have!

Ann in NJ said...

Yay you! Good job! Try to remember how good it makes you feel. And set a goal of # of times a week to run, I'm finding that helpful. That way if you miss a day, you can make it up.