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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Surprisingly good

Well I found I actually had a pretty good day for fruits and veggies, which is the main area I struggle with. 3 servings of fruit and 3 of veggies. Not a usual day for me, but maybe my body will implode from shock. You never know!

Finally back to work at the quilting as it's been a series of errors since my quilting machines foot broke when a friend borrowed it two weekends ago. Then they sent me the wrong replacement foot (just like the different feet for a sewing machine). So... behind on work except that a friend let me use her machine and that was nice as I was able to get a few projects done. Now hopefully tomorrow I can be nice and focused and productive!

I was worried when I changed positions that the same thing would happen with the quilting that happened with the counseling and I'd have trouble getting business as networking isn't my strongest thing. However, quilters are social by nature and while I feel my quilting still has a long ways to go, I'm booked out into April at this point for customer quilts. My husband points out that must mean something!

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Susan Z said...

Grats on all the work! That's fabulous.
I personally love fruit, but only do ok with veggies. My issue these days is that I tend to wait to see what my brood doesn't eat just in case they need more (since my kidos tend to like fruit and the occassional vegtable). Thus they probably in some ways eat better than I do. Of course I also have the issue right now of getting everyone eating and happy before I usually get to take a bite...though with Jo I am having more hot meals then I got with the boys for a long time.