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Thursday, February 21, 2008


I went skiing today. It doesn't sound like much except it's the first real exercise (aside from an occasional walk) since Thanksgiving. I should add, it was downhill skiing, not cross-country skiing, so most of the effort came from putting on my boots and hauling my gear around.

It was definitely the most expensive day of skiing ever. I'd purchased a 5 day discount ski pass at the beginning of the season thinking that I'd be up to Whistler for two whole weeks this ski season not expecting to be sick the whole time. This was the ONLY day I'd be using that 5 day pass. I'd rented skiis & boots in Seattle since it was easier and less expensive than renting skiis in Canada. I also bought a new helmet since I'm most likely to fall in our family.

The weather was beautiful and clear. We could see the mountains all around. The snow was fair: packed powder and only a little crunchy in spots. Sounds beautiful? I thought so until we headed down the first slope, and my legs started to hurt so badly from my boots that didn't fit right. The pain shooting up and down my legs made me cry. I'm not entirely sure how I made it down the mountain.

The good news is I found a rental shop, got new boots, and salvaged the day. I was sore and out of shape, but the skiing was beautiful. Now I have to feed the kids dinner and pack so we can drive home tomorrow. Maybe I'll find some ibuprofen first since I'm stiff already.


Jill said...

Oh, I hope you got that ibuprofin in quickly! Don't sell yourself short -- downhill skiing is great exercise. Yes, gravity takes you downhill without much help from you, but you put in all the effort to get to the bottom in one piece! That's the hard part! I'm glad you got out the one day. I wish you could have gotten more. No chance that you'll be back again this ski seaon?

Lisa C said...

That back to forth movement is very aerobic, and a good leg workout, plus balance and other good things. You wouldn't hurt if it wasn't! Hope the ibuprofen kicked in quickly!

Susan Z said...

I'm glad you got to go skiing on your ski trip! Glad to hear it soudns like you were over being ill.