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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slow steps

I am getting the stuffing my face thing sort of under control. I'm thinking it's related to something mid-cycle for me, a form of PMS, because it often corresponds to being very moody, even depressed, and no energy. I should probably track it with respect to my period. Not that it would necessarily help, but it might explain.

And I went to Curves again today, and am trying to decide if I go tomorrow, because I can't go Friday, or if I go Saturday. I'm thinking Saturday is better than three days in a row - but will I pry myself out of the house and actually go? Tomorrow would be "easier", but then I'd probably have 3-4 days off (kids are out of school on Monday for MLK day). Hmm...


Susan Z said...

Well, I know they won't let you do physical therapy three days in a row, and that they say a couple days in between is not bad but that 3 or more isn't good. Therefore I vote for going on Saturday.
Also, I know they say traking your food is a good way to see what you are actually eating especially if you are very honest about every little bite. I actually saw part of a show on BBCAmerica where this woman put out a table containing everything this guy had eaten in one week. It was an impressive spread to see it all laid out together.

Jill said...

I know I have a mid-cycle hormonal blip. I actually noticed it when I was trying to get pregnant, and getting pregnant with Sierra was quicker than I imagined!