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Friday, January 11, 2008

Quality Ingredients

I walked across campus to buy my textbooks yesterday and bought lunch in the student center while I was there. I actually was good and got the combo with the side salad. I never managed to figure out where the salad dressing was but I was surprised because the salad tasted really good to me even without salad dressing. The lettuce was very crisp and it reminded me of how food can taste better when you are using good ingredients that are fresh. I just need to figure out how to duplicate that at home because you don't get that taste from a bagged salad and I don't think I go through enough lettuce to keep up with a head of lettuce. I do feel good about my lunch choice because it was healthier than what I had originally planned to get (which of course included fries in the original plan).


Ann in NJ said...

I find that using the "Good Eats" method of salad preservation really works. Wash and spin dry your greens. Wrap in a paper towel, and put in a zipper bag. Suck as much air out as you can using a straw. It'll keep for more than a week (do the air thing every time you open it) and it's prewashed, just like the bags!

Good job at lunch - I was doing ok today until I opened the bag of potato chips. I have to go back to just not buying them.

Lisa C said...

That's funny because I do the "Good Eats" method of salad preservation as well. I don't bother with the straw, but just push down and get as much of the air out as I can. Generally gets me about a week. I don't know that it tastes like a restaurant salad, just something about them, but it is helpful.

Anny said...

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Susan Z said...

I end up gettin gmy text books from a variety of places...including the internet. I Like the sites where it will compare prices for you!