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Sunday, December 16, 2007

I hate cold rainy days

I didn't let William play outside today because we had more rain than snow. I am now paying the price because he is whiny and bored. We are going out to dinner with friends - their daughter just got admitted to MIT. William doesn't want to go, he doesn't want to try Thai food (even white rice) he wants someone to play with ....

Ok, i didn't get much done today, and I spent a long time on the couch with him watching TV - I understand that he's bored but leave me alone for 5 minutes!!!!

Arrgh - it is compounded by the fact that I offered him several different things to do this afternoon (making cookies with me, eg.) and he declined them all.


Jill said...

He said no to making cookies! What kind of kid is that!? Sounds like he just wanted to be difficult. It happens.... My kids DID want to make cookies on that snowy, rainy day. And then Owen turns out to have conjunctivitis. Hmmmm... I guess he hasn't touched them since they were in the oven, so they're ok to give to people, right? (I didn't let him decorate them yet.)

Ann in NJ said...

As long as he washes his hands, you should be fine. My pediatrician said that conjunctivitis is no more contagious than the common cold (which is to say, very!) but that means that common sense hygiene should have you covered.

And yes, William was just being cranky.

ooolia said...

If you ask my boys, they'd tell you that saying no to making cookies is tantamount to asking for trouble. They've been begging to make cookies, but I'm too overwhelmed.

Plus, Christopher has had the fussies. We think he has some stomach flu like bug that has been going around, because he's been throwing up at night occasionally -- that and being more toddler-like than usual.

Luckily I've been using my SAD lamp. I think it helps.