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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The End of Halloween Candy

So I decided to throw out the last of Timothy and Christopher's Halloween candy after putting the last "good" candy in Timothy's lunch for tomorrow. There's just no point in keeping it around for the boys to whine about and for me to munch on when I don't need it. I decided it was better in the garbage than on me. Then I opened the pantry to find that there's at least a dozen full sized candy bars leftover from what we were handing out. I give up.

Of course, I made peanut blossom cookies with the boys today forgetting that there's chocolate sandwich cookies, candied popcorn, and more sweets in the cupboard already. Good thing I don't have a big sweet tooth.

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Ann in NJ said...

Cookies freeze well. So do candy bars. I'm liking the "putting it in the freezer to put it out of temptation's way" idea. Can you tell?

I'm very lucky that my kids are not candy hounds. They like it, they eat it, but they don't seem to gorge on it. One of the child-rearing books I read when JC was little suggested not getting uptight about candy, which makes it less of a forbidden treat and just a regular treat. Seems to have worked for my kids, but that may be their personality.